Caleb Nicolo
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Sentinel-In-Training (Former)





"You better have had a baby, killed someone, or slept with a pure. Those are your three options. Anything else is totally unacceptable" - Caleb Nicolo, Half-Blood


Caleb is Alex's good friend from her days at the covenant before she left. His mortal mother wanted nothing to do with him, and his pure father is never around. His father tries to makes up for that with lots of money and Caleb doesn't care about the money or his father.

At the end of Pure, Alex and Caleb were sneaking out to get snacks after curfew for their movie night, but ended up being attacked by Daimons. Caleb is killed in the battle.

But that's not the end of him. In Deity, when half-blood Sentinel who works for the Order, kills Alex. She went into the underworld and sees Caleb and bonds with him. Caleb finally says that Seth has hope. But Alex comes back to living and discover that Leon is of course, Apollo.

In Apollyon, Caleb does come back and tries to help Alex when she is connected with the First. But he ends up being unsuccessful. But later on in Apollyon, he helps Aiden and Alex meet Solaris.


Caleb is described to be tall, blond and all charming.


Alexandria Andros: Alex and Caleb were best friends before she left, and when they were reuinted became very close again.

Olivia Panagopoulos: Caleb and Olivia started to date in the end of Half-Blood, beginning of Pure. He died, ending their relationship.


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