Daimons are the evil version of pure bloods and half-bloods. They just kill humans and half-bloods for fun, because they don't have much aether and they kill pure bloods for their aether. Daimons can turn pure bloods into one of them by sharing some of their own either.Or the longest time it was thought that half-bloods couldn't be turned, but that was proven false in Pure. Daimons loathe titanium. Decapitation and titanium can kill them, as well as using akasha.


All Daimons look undead. They are very pale, with serrated teeth, dark, dead eyes and veins are prominent in their face. Elemental magic hides their appearence to make them look normal, and only half bloods can see through it.


Tags: When a Daimon bites a person, it is said to feel like fire as they drain the aether. It leaves large scars. Daimons often go for the most painful places, and if they don't intend to kill you, they go for a place you cannot hide, like the face or high on the neck.

Speed: They are very fast, and get even faster when they are hungry. 

Strength: They are very strong, and if they get you in a hold, you are done for.