Solos is a half-blood from the Tennessee Covenant where his pure-blood father is a Minister. Solos is his only child so he was doted on and educated in politics like a pure-blood son would've been. He is first mentioned and appears in Deity, when Alex and Aiden are told about him by Apollo and when he shows up at the emergency council meeting, respectively.

When Alex and her group fled the Covenant, they first went to Solos' father's cabin while they waited for her birthday to come and her to turn into they Apollyon. He is a part of the main group while they are training for their fight against Ares. After the war, he takes over Aiden's council seat. He is killed in the spin off series, Titan, by the titan Atlas.

Solos is a lovable guy, if somewhat of a flirt. He shares a story to Alex about his one night stand with the goddess Aphrodite and how he got his scar (a gift from Hephaestus for sleeping with his wife). He's a skilled fighter and still acts as a Sentinel while he's a council member.